Do You Need A Wrongful Death Attorney?

Experiencing the loss of a family member due to an accident is devastating and unexpected. Many families are unsure about what to do next. Reaching out to the local court system does not ensure that charges will be filed against the responsible party. Local laws and codes do not always make it possible for a person or corporation to be held criminally responsible. Here are a few benefits of hiring a wrongful death attorney.

Many people feel that no justice was given for the loss of their loved one. There may be a lingering feeling of needing to do something. Working with an attorney is one way to have the issue acknowledged by all parties involved. There is no need to be solely dependent on the criminal justice system for a remedy. Wrongful death complaints are filed as a civil issue by parents, children, a spouse, or an executor of a will. The death may have occurred in an airplane, a motor vehicle, or an object that fell in a public place. Negligence that occurs with a paid product or service can be addressed. Examples include medication that was labeled incorrectly, defective products, medical malpractice, or not caring for someone properly in a nursing home. Someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol may have caused a death when they were driving or making poor choices while out in public. Altercations with an unknown individual that leads to their death can be addressed through a civil action. People not under the influence of any substances who purposely intend to cause harm or death can also be sued.

The civil suit does not cover bills that an individual had in life, such as a car payment or mortgage. A professional is needed to determine the amount of compensation to ask for. Schedule a consultation with the wrongful death lawyer to discuss the monetary loss their death has caused. The figure may include insurance policies, lost wages, inheritance, income, and future retirement benefits. The civil action can bring up the loss of the deceased person's emotional support, guidance for their children, or intimacy of a spouse. The lawyer will have to figure this amount based on laws that are state-specific. The lawyer will also be able to give the time deadline for filing a wrongful death action. 

It only takes a few minutes to schedule a consultation to determine how much compensation may be available, what the time limitations are, and how to proceed. Take time to hire a wrongful death attorney to move closer to obtaining a remedy for a loved one passing unexpectedly. 

To learn more, contact a wrongful death lawyer.