Working For The Weekend: Injuries, Settlements, & Considerations For Your Days Off

Suffering through a personal injury can result in the loss of income and the ability to work. Along with your working days, you must also consider the losses that you suffer during your days off. It may not seem like a lot on the surface, but losing out on weekend hours can result in a loss for your quality of life along with a number of financial expenses. As you consult with a personal injury attorney and start planning your case, it's important to consider your days off and the ways your weekends have changed since the injury. Browse through to see how different weekend elements can enhance your case and allow you to get a settlement that you deserve.

Leagues & Clubs

During your days off, it may be common to be a part of community leagues or clubs. This includes sports leagues like bowling or volleyball. You may also be involved in a bird watching or quilting club. As a member of these leagues and clubs, you may have had membership or seasonal fees that you paid. If your injuries prevent you from participating in these clubs, then you may have wasted money on a variety of fees that you paid to joined. If this is the case, then you should seek reimbursement for those costs through the settlement case. Your lawyer can use receipts and sign-up forms as pieces of evidence during the case.

As you transition back into these activities, there may be extra equipment that you need to participate again. For example, you may need a wrist support for a volleyball league. Any of these extra equipment costs can be included in your case.

Extra Weekend Income

Even during days off, many people choose different ways to make a little extra income. For example, if you're a construction worker, you may have made weekend money doing odd-jobs and side projects. You may also have made extra income by organizing yard sales or working at community events like craft sales. As you move forward with your settlement case, all of your income should be accounted for. Use pay stubs and tax filings to help showcase your income amounts. This can make a big difference in your compensation and will help you get back the money that you have potentially lost due to your injuries.

Injury Transportation Services

Some injuries may be so severe that you cannot properly drive a vehicle on your own. Spending all of your weekends at home can become tedious and impact your quality of life. As you heal through the injuries, you may choose different transportation services to get your around on weekends. For example, you may hire a taxi service for various trips. All of the costs from a taxi service can be included in your settlement case. Additional forms of transportation may include local buses, shuttle services, or paid rides from family and friends. Keeping track of the mileage and costs that you have spent can really help your settlement case.

When arriving at a location, you may use a wheelchair rental or purchase nobility equipment like a cane to get around. Any of the prices that you pay can become a part of your settlement. The extra spending allows you to enjoy the same weekend outings that you enjoyed before the injury. It's also a good idea to show evidence that you enjoyed these outings before you were injured. This can help act as evidence and build a precedent for your case.

Consulting with a lawyer is the first step in moving forward with your case. Keeping a detailed journal can help you track down details and ensure that you are not forgetting anything important for your case. For more information, contact a lawyer at a law firm like Clearfield & Kofsky.