Autumn Food-Delivery Drivers: Premises Liability and Settlement Options

Food-delivery drivers will often spend a majority of their shift on the road. Along with driving on the main roads, a lot of parking and car operations will take place on personal property. When customers order food, they are assuming the responsibility for anyone coming to their home to deliver food. When delivering food in autumn, you must deal with darker nights and other road hazards that may cause potential problems. If a car accident or personal injury has occurred, then you may seek a settlement from the property owner. By breaking down different aspects of a case, you can determine the liability and seek legal help to properly move forward. Every situation is different, and this is why it's important to understand your options for a settlement if you've been injured while delivering food.

Driveway Conditions

The condition of a driveway can make a huge difference in how your vehicle is able to park and pull up to property. For example, if a driveway is not properly lit, it may be hard to see boundaries or specific parking areas. This can easily cause your vehicle to crash or hit something and cause an injury. In the fall, the days get shorter, and this often means that dinner-food deliveries come just after darkness falls. When the property owners do not offer a safe place for visitors, this is typically referred to as premises liability. An attorney will use photo and video evidence to showcase the driveway hazards that were present at the time of your injury. This can help prove premises liability and showcase negligence from the homeowners. Along with poor lighting, other driveway conditions like potholes, objects, and overcrowded areas can lead to potential accidents and injuries. All of these elements can be looked at by an attorney to help build evidence for a case.

Autumn Weather Conditions

The autumn season can bring a lot of unique weather conditions. Windy days, falling leaves, and rain showers are just a few of the weather elements that can create hazards on property. As you pull onto property to deliver food, clumps of leaves can easily create a driving hazard along with a walking hazard. Improper removal of the leaves can be the main cause of injuries in these cases. As you carry food to the front door of a home, your focus on the items can make it easy to miss dangerous spots of wet leaves. An attorney can help showcase negligence on the part of the homeowner. If the leaves were properly removed, then dangerous situations may not have occurred through either walking or driving on the property. Along with leaves, other weather hazards may include large branches or sticks that have fallen off of trees. If you're parked in the driveway, a falling branch can easily cause injuries, along with damage to the vehicle. An attorney can help determine the condition of the tree and whether more could have been done to help prevent the tree from causing damage.

Ordering Notes

When food is delivered to a home, it's important for the home owner to provide details and instructions for specific elements of their property. This can easily be done through note sections provided on many online food orders. It can also be done when orders are placed over the phone. For example, if there is a dirt driveway or a large pothole, customers could warn drivers beforehand. If these notes are not added to the order, then an attorney can help provide negligence in your case and give you more settlement options. It can showcase how you were unprepared for the conditions of the property. If notes or warnings were properly provided, then the whole injury and accident could have been avoided in the first place.

Delivering food should not create so many hazards and dangers. This is why you should hire an attorney, such as one from J D'Agostino & Associates, P.C., to properly represent your case and get you a settlement that you deserve.