3 Facts You Need To Know About Hiring A Dog Bite Attorney

Were you recently bitten by a dog and required medical care for your injuries? If so, consulting a dog bite attorney is a good idea. If you have concerns regarding the decision to retain a lawyer, taking the time to review the three facts below can help to put your mind and ease.

Fact #1: You Do Not Need Money To Hire A Dog Bite Attorney

Perhaps the biggest concern for many dog bite victims is that they simply do not have the extra cash laying around to hire an attorney in the hopes of collecting a larger personal injury settlement. If you share in this concern, you should know that you do not need to put up a single dollar of your savings in order to obtain legal counsel. This is because dog bite attorneys typically work on a contingency basis. What this means for you is that your legal fees will be deducted from your settlement funds and that you will only be responsible for paying these fees if your attorney wins your case. 

Fact #2: Individuals With Legal Counsel Typically Receive Larger Settlements

Now that you are aware of the fact that your legal fees will be deducted from your settlement amount, you may be concerned that you will end up with less money in your pocket by choosing to hire an attorney. This is not the case. In fact, even after taking legal fees into consideration, many dog bite victims receive substantially more money when they choose to get legal representation than when taking on the insurance company themselves.

Fact #3: You Can Still Hire An Attorney Even If You Already Began Negotiating With The Insurance Company

It is quite common for people to find themselves wishing they had hired an attorney after they hear the low ball settlement amounts the insurance company is offering. Unfortunately, far too many of these people will still fail to seek out legal counsel simply because they believe it is too late to retain an attorney. If you are in this situation, you need to know that you are free to hire an attorney to represent you in your personal injury claim right up until the moment when you accept settlement funds. This means that if you have yet to receive a settlement from the insurance company, you can hire a lawyer to represent you no matter how far into the negotiating process you may be.  

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