Getting Damages After An Accident With A Drunk Driver

Drunk driving is been in the spotlight more in the last few years than ever before. If you are in an accident that involves someone that was drinking before they get behind the wheel, the court is most likely going to be on your side. Even though that is the case, it is important that you go into any case where you have filed for damages with a competent lawyer to help you work through the process and navigate the court system.

What to Do First

If you are involved in an accident with a driver that you suspect has been drinking, call the police right away and let them know that you believe the other driver is impaired. They will respond to the scene quickly and assess the situation to determine if the driver is indeed drunk or under the influence. Let them deal with the other driver while you stay out of the way. If the driver is drunk, they may be a handful to deal with and getting in the middle of things is only going to stir things up and make it hard for the officer to do their job.

If you are injured go to the emergency room and get the treatment you need right away. This will document injuries and get you the treatment you need, and it will help in court because the medical record clearly shows injuries related to the event.

Hire a Lawyer

If you have severe or debilitating injuries as a result of the injury, hire a lawyer that is experienced in working with these types of cases. Personal injury lawyers are a good place to start looking when you need someone that knows how to deal with injuries related to a crash. Discuss the case with the lawyer and ask if they believe it is winnable. If you have a strong case, and if the other driver was drinking you most likely do, the lawyer will most likely take the case and file a suit against the other driver. 

Let Your Lawyer Lead the Way

Once you have a lawyer, your job is to follow their lead. Your lawyer is going to chase down all the information they need and they may call you for information or to advise you on the details of the case, but they will be doing a lot of things behind the scenes on your behalf. Follow their lead and let them work for you. After all, that is what you hired them to do.

Contact a drunk driving injury attorney for more help.