Evaluating Losses When You File A Personal Injury Claim

A personal injury claim is a way to receive financial compensation for losses that you sustain because of an injury. If you are in a car accident, you must be able to show that your injuries are a direct result of the accident. Fault is established in a car accident, and you can't be more than 49% at fault for the accident to receive money for your losses. There are losses you can measure, and those that take time to be evaluated in order to come up with an amount that makes sense. Overall, the more serious your injuries are and the longer they are expected to last, the higher your compensation will be in a personal injury case.

The Losses You Can Easily Identify

You start with your evaluating your losses by looking over the losses you have had to deal with that are easy to measure. if your car was totaled and you have to rent a car for a month, this is a loss you can be compensated for. When you miss work because of your injuries, your lost wages are added into your compensation. Other damaged property, medical bills, and any costs associated with your injuries can be considered in a personal injury claim.

The Extent of Your Injuries, Pain, and Suffering

You will work with treatment providers to establish the extent of your injuries, which then helps determine your overall pain and suffering. If you are permanently injured, this is going to be a personal injury claim that receives more money than if you are recovered in a few weeks. How serious your injuries are, and how long it takes you to heal are taken into consideration. While pain and suffering is subjective, this is where you are going to receive the majority of your financial award if you win your case.

How Your Injuries Are Assessed

In a personal injury claim, your medical records will be carefully scrutinized. You will want to be able to show that you have received extensive care for your injuries and that you have been compliant with all treatment. Your personal injury attorney will have an easier time with your case when you are consistent with your medical care.

Your personal injury claim compensation is based on the severity of your injuries and your overall losses. Talk with a personal injury attorney when you have been injured and are not sure what your claim may be worth.