Spend A Lot Of Time Walking Or Riding Bikes? What To Do If You’re Struck By A Car

If you take long walks, or bike rides on city streets, chances are good that you might one day be struck by a car. You hope that won't happen, and you do everything you can to prevent it. However, with all the cars on the road, it only takes one distracted driver to send you to the ground. If it does happen, you need to be prepared. Being prepared for the possibility of a pedestrian versus vehicle accident will ensure that you know what to do every step of the way. Read More 

Five Important Considerations That May Come Into Play With A Slip And Fall Case

To win a slip and fall case, it's important to understand everything the jury and/or judge will be considering when determining liability for the incident.  There are some standard considerations that are going to be taken into account in just about any slip and fall case. They include the following five considerations:  Any company policy that the property owner may have instituted to prevent the hazard Company policies or property management policies of the property owner might be considered. Read More 

Autumn Food-Delivery Drivers: Premises Liability and Settlement Options

Food-delivery drivers will often spend a majority of their shift on the road. Along with driving on the main roads, a lot of parking and car operations will take place on personal property. When customers order food, they are assuming the responsibility for anyone coming to their home to deliver food. When delivering food in autumn, you must deal with darker nights and other road hazards that may cause potential problems. Read More 

Working For The Weekend: Injuries, Settlements, & Considerations For Your Days Off

Suffering through a personal injury can result in the loss of income and the ability to work. Along with your working days, you must also consider the losses that you suffer during your days off. It may not seem like a lot on the surface, but losing out on weekend hours can result in a loss for your quality of life along with a number of financial expenses. As you consult with a personal injury attorney and start planning your case, it's important to consider your days off and the ways your weekends have changed since the injury. Read More 

How To Get Complete And Accurate Medical Records To Support A Personal Injury Claim In Maine

Your medical records are often the crux of your personal injury lawsuit. They contain the information needed to support your case. Getting accurate and detailed medical reports isn't always easy. While all states are required to provide you with medical records on request, the procedure for requesting them and the mandatory timeline your medical professionals must follow are set by your state. If you live in the state of Maine and need to access your medical records for your personal injury suit, there are some things you should know. Read More